Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Infinity League at 4TK Week 1 and 2

Just wanted to throw together a jumble of thoughts from the first 2 weeks of our Infinity League at Colchester's 4TK gaming where I am fielding a Combined Army force.
First week was 150pt games and I went in thinking that mass orders was the way forward.  I went Morat vanguard heavy thinking that large numbers of (at best) average troops would win the day.
My first game was against my usual opponent Paul and his Nomads,  not much to say other than I think I lost pretty much every face to face roll!  Things just didn't go my way and a little bit of bad luck when you are running average troops means death, death and more death!
My next game was against an Aleph force built around a single powerful figure, dropping the remotes wasn't much of a problem but I just really struggled to kill the Devas(?) who walked through my force with no problem.
My last game was against Richard and his Yu Jing,  a hidden ninja killed my Lt on the first turn and his 5 man link team proceeded to walk through my own 5 man link team where once again I couldn't make a single armour save or win any face to face rolls!  My Gaki's both died to a CC monster and that was pretty much game over!
Week 2 was somewhat more successful, again with 150pt games.  I fielded a Charontid with 3 other supporting models,  2 Morat Vanguard and a Yaogot.
The first game once again luck just wasn't with me.  Playing on my own Space Station/Space Ship interior board up against PanO, a CC model went through my basic troops in 2 turns, not the end of the world as the army was based around the Charontid.  The Charontid then go bogged down in a 2 turn fire fight where my opponent couldn't stop rolling criticals!  Game over.....
I went in to my next game feeling quite despondent, playing the same force again I was up against Phil but I didn't recognise his troops so couldn't tell you what he was playing (You Humans all look the same to the EI.....).  I start by running my Charontid forward early and using my Sepsitor I mind controlled one of this models and then ran that up and opened fire.  It lost the battle but no problem as it wasn't my model! 
Phil then flanked my team attempting to drop my Charontid with a shotgun, (un)fortunately he lost the face to face roll and went down to plasma rifle fire.  He then ran another cubed figure up in the hope of resisting the Sepsitor but failed again.  I used a combined order to move and shoot with the sepsitored figure and my Charontid and gunned down another of his models, then ran his own figure up the board and shot down another and at this point he surrendered!  Wooohoo a win at last and without losing a model!
My last game of the night was up against James' Haqq force.  It was a bit more of an open board so I changed my force for my Charontid Lt, Vector Operator with HMG and 2 Morat Vanguard.    James is fairly new player and I actually felt quite guilty as he didn't use cover effectively and grouped too many models close together.  My Charontid went to town with his Plasma rifle killing 4 models in 2 turns while my Vector Operator with a HMG dropped another.  The whole battle lasted only a couple of turns once again without a casualty!
So having 1 powerful figure seems to work a lot better for Combined Army in low points games (well for me anyway).  Even when things went a little wrong the Charontid was powerful enough to soak up fire and keep on going.
I bought an Anathematic hoping for that to be the main theme of my force next week but unfortunately its missing a key part which I doubt will be here in time.  Instead I may go Charontid Lt and a Skiavoros running a Sepsitor which would leave me around 50 points for order generators.  Quite fancy taking a hacker though so maybe Charontid, Hacker, Q-Drone, oooh or have the Charontid as my hacker for a hacking plus device and WIP 16,  hmmmm too much choice!
Hopefully next week will carry on much the same as my last 2 games!  This time it’s 200pts so makes things a little more interesting and I will try and remember to take some pictures of my games as I go along....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Taking a break from the Infinity board.....

For anyone that's interested I have been building mini's this last week rather than my Infinity board, I only have 2 Tiger Soldiers for my Yu Jing force left to go then just need to putty any gaps, do the bases and undercoat them so should be back to board building next week.

3 Morat Vanguard, Morat Hacker and Skiavoros.

Storm Strider, Stormclad and Thunderhead

The Storm Strider and all its glory!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Starship Interior Update

Just a quick update to say that I am going to try the board out for the first time tomorrow (Tuesday) at our local club.  Its still a bit on the small side for my liking but should be good for a 100 point Infinity game.  That will give me an indication of how well the board works and that sort of things I need to add or change.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Starship Interior - Getting there!

Just a quick update, managed to get a reasonable amount of cutting and sticking done at the weekend,  below is where I am up to.  Going to get another few corners and rooms done and then will probably try a small points game on the board just to see how it runs.  Will work on expanding it then so it will eventually fill a 6 x 4 foot table.  Got lots more tiles to cast as well!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

More Starship Interior

Due to work taking precedence (well they do pay me!) progress has been slow this week.  I have managed to get 2 corner pieces done.
Next I began working on my first room,  I will do several rooms identical to this one which will be 6"x6" to break the board up a bit otherwise it will be too many long straight corridors that you can sit a sniper at the end of!
The dilemma I had was that I still wanted the option of having a doorway on every wall if I wanted to, so I have had to put together some false walls to plug the gaps for the doorways that I am not using. I am really pleased with the results and once they are decorated with pipework and anything else I am having on the walls they should blend in really well:

Here is the finished room. (although the tiles aren't stuck down yet!)

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Starship Progress Quick Update

I hoped to get a bit more done this weekend than I have but realised I had made an error with the walls on my original prototype so had to go back and start again.

I now have 4 straight pieces and 1 cross-roads done, the cross-roads take ages to make so won't be doing too many of those to start with!

My wife has discovered she loves doing the moulds for the floor tiles and is rattling those out for me, I think I will pick up a second mould for those as only having one means it takes ages and there is too much waiting around.

Anyway its starting to shape up a little bit, these are a little rough and need some tidying, will file some of the edges to make them neater and fill any gaps with some fine filler that I picked up from B&Q.

All of the corridors, cross-roads, and smaller rooms will be 6" which means it should all fit together perfectly no matter where you put the pieces, there there will be a few custom sized rooms for objectives that will have to be placed a bit more carefully so not to stop corridors from meeting.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Starship Interior Part 2

I ordered some molds from Hirst Arts UK to do the floor tiles for the ship.  First off just wanted to say how awesome Hirst Arts were, I put the order in on Tuesday morning and it turned up on Wednesday morning and the mold is very good.

My first experience with molds has actually gone really well, the instructions on the Hirst main site are excellent and the first 2 lots came out very well, I used the Crystacal that was available on their site and its pretty easy to use, just mix it to the consistency of milk or pancake mix and spoon it in to the mold, leave it until its like toothpaste, scrape off the excess and then let it set for about 20-25 minutes.

I haven't cleaned them up yet and the walls aren't glued in place so aren't quite straight but here is a taster of what the finish sections should look like: